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No equipment workout

So, you’ve been doing HIIT workouts for a while and aren’t seeing the improvements you were hoping for. If you think your exercise routine isn’t working, it may be because of some common mistakes. mistakes include:

  • Skipping warmups
  • Not varying exercises
  • Burnout
  • Resting too long

Let’s discuss these mistakes and how to avoid them with a no equipment full-body workout at home.

Don’t Skip Your Warmup!

Skipping your warmup can set you up for failure. Before you begin exercising, you should prepare your muscles by stretching. You don’t have to stretch for very long; stretching for 5-10 minutes can really loosen up your muscles. Skipping your warmup can cause your muscles to stretch too quickly, which can lead to sore or torn muscles. Skip the pain by not skipping your warmup!

Vary Your Exercises!

If you are only doing HIIT exercises every day, you may stop seeing results. This is because your body will start to suffer from overuse, hormonal imbalances, and chronic fatigue. Instead of doing HIIT workouts at home every day, limit HIIT workouts to 2 or 3 days a week. On the days between HIIT workouts, you can do low-impact exercises like cycling, swimming, and yoga. This will give your muscles a break and will help you train smarter.

Slow Down!

When you’re starting your HIIT workout, it’s important to start out at a moderately-high intensity and increase gradually. If you start out too hard and too fast, you’ll experience burnout and may not complete your workout. To avoid burnout, you should plan out how many sets you want to do and how many reps will be in each set. You can also start out with shorter workouts and work up to longer ones to help avoid burnout.

Rest for Short Intervals

It’s important to rest between sets during your workout. HIIT workouts for beginners have longer rest periods, up to about 20 seconds, while professionals may only rest for 5-10 seconds. If you’re resting for longer than 20 seconds, this can greatly affect the results of your workout. HIIT workouts are meant to remain at high intensity until the workout is complete. If you rest for too long, you may experience slower stamina. The key to HIIT workouts is resting for short intervals.

HIIT Workouts Online

If you’re looking for a no equipment, full-body workout at home, an online HIIT workout program may be right for you. Visit the Shape Shifters website if you’re interested in online HIIT workout programs. Our HIIT programs are designed for beginner and professional athlete enthusiasts. Classes last for 10 weeks, and each class is 15-20 minutes long. For more information about our programs, visit our website or contact us today!