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Blending Strength & Cardio Training to Amplify Workout Sessions

When you exercise, you want to incorporate as many muscles into your workout as you can. The more muscles you work out at one time, the less time you will have to spend exercising every day. You can amplify your workout sessions by blending strength and cardio training. Many online strength training programs are available to give you the best strength and cardio workout possible in a shorter amount of time.

There are a few ways you can blend strength and cardio training. Some of the methods are:

  • Varying Rest Between Sets
  • Holding Weights in Both Hands
  • Using Lighter Weights
  • Compounding Exercises

These methods are broken down further below.

Vary Rest Between Sets

Resting between sets gives your heart and other muscles a break, giving them a little time to repair and prepare for the next set. One of the best ways to spike your heart rate while strength training is to perform each set with very little rest in between. You can build up to shorter rest periods with each set you do. Start with 20 seconds between the first and second set, then 15 seconds, then 10. This helps you build up endurance and burn fat.

Hold Weights in Both Hands

When doing any strength exercises, hold weights in both hands instead of one. Bi-lateral movements increase your heart rate more than just working out one arm at a time.

Use Lighter Weights

Strength training usually requires the use of heavier weights. If you’re blending strength and cardio, though, you should opt for lighter weights. Lighter weights allow you to perform a set for one to two minutes, as opposed to 45 seconds with the heaviest weight you can hold. Performing the same exercise for a longer amount of time at a higher intensity will build muscle faster.

Compound Exercises

In online strength training classes, exercises are compounded to work out multiple muscle groups at one time. Compound movements give you a greater metabolic boost and test your coordination. If you want to work your biceps and thighs at the same time, you could do a reverse lunge with bicep curls. The possibilities for compound exercises are endless.

Athletic Conditioning Training

If you are looking for a great strength training online program, the athletic conditioning training program from Shape Shifters is a great choice. Our online strength training programs are designed for beginners and professionals alike. Each class is 15-20 minutes, once a week, for 5 weeks. We even offer a free trial!

Strength training requires the use of your entire body. Combine strength training with one of our at-home cardio workouts, and you’ll see results in no time. Our program works!

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