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Online Boxing Workouts for Strength and Endurance

Boxing is one of the more popular sports that millions of people watch every year. While it's popular to watch, it's also becoming more popular to use boxing as exercise. Boxing promotes a full-body workout to build strength and endurance.

Benefits of Boxing as Exercise

There are many benefits of boxing as exercise. As mentioned, boxing is a full-body workout. You use your fists, arms, back, core, and even your legs to throw a punch. Other benefits include:Improved heart health, weight loss, boosts strength in the entire body, improves balance, decreases stress and lowers blood pressure.

Our online boxing training program is one of the best ways to not only improve your health but also builds your strength and endurance.

Equipment Packs a Punch (Literally!)

While no equipment is required to do our boxing training at home, exercise equipment can help you maximize the benefits of our strength training program. For boxing, all you need are boxing gloves or hand wraps and a punching bag. The punching bag will be your “opponent” and the gloves or hand wraps will protect your knuckles while boxing.

While throwing a punch may seem easy, if you don’t do it right, you could seriously injure yourself. Broken hands are painful! Our online strength training and boxing training videos will show you the right way to throw a punch, so you don’t break your hand, wrist, or fingers during your online boxing workout.

One more amazing benefit of boxing as exercise is you learn self-defense. Being able to defend yourself while out and about comes in handy in case someone tries to rob or attack you.
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Boxing Gloves, Standing Bag, skipping rope

Our online strength training classes and boxing workout for beginners focuses on your core strength and improves cardiovascular and muscle endurance. At Shape Shifters, our online boxing classes are for beginners, but anyone at any fitness level will get a great workout from our strength training online programs.

If you’re ready to start punching, kicking, and jumping your way to a healthier lifestyle, sign up for our online boxing training program free 1-month trial today! You will have access to over 20 hours of online boxing training videos and more for 30 days. Try as many online strength training classes as you want! You’ll be boxing your way to a better you in no time!

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