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cardio workout at home for beginners

Burn Even More Calories Than Heading Out for Jog

The idea of going for a jog sounds like an easy way to burn calories. However, there are plenty of exercises you can do that will burn even more calories than jogging. Jogging, on average, will burn anywhere from 280 to 520 calories per 30 minutes. The workouts mentioned below burn more than that in even shorter amounts of time.

1. Athletic Conditioning Workout

The first workout you should consider is athletic conditioning, a cardio workout at home for beginners. This workout from Shape Shifters is a series of exercises that work out your entire body. This workout combines cardio, dumbbells, and strength training to give athletes the best workout they can get. Our online athletic conditioning program is designed for beginners and professionals alike.


Our online strength training coach teaches you how to do the exercises. By using dumbbells, you will be exercising your:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Lower Back
  • And more!

Strength training requires the use of many muscles in your body. That’s why it’s a great workout. This type of workout burns anywhere from 90 to 223 calories per 30 minutes. However, at Shape Shifters, our programs are 15-20 minutes long so results will vary.

2. HIIT Workout

A HIIT workout is a high-intensity interval training workout that exercises your whole body. For HIIT workouts, you complete several cardio exercises for beginners at home at a high intensity with little rest in between. This type of workout builds cardiovascular endurance and muscle in a quicker time. We offer this type of workout program at Shape Shifters, as well.


HIIT workouts can burn up to 450 calories in 30 minutes, making them a better choice than jogging.

3. Jumping on a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is a fun way to burn calories and burns more of them than jogging. Jumping on a trampoline can burn up to 1,000 calories in 60 minutes. You would have to jog for more than an hour to burn that many calories and jogging isn’t nearly as fun. With a trampoline, you can get your family or friends involved, and there will be some guaranteed laughs. (Laughing also burns calories!)

4. Jump Rope

One final cardio workout at home for beginners is jump rope! A jump rope is cheap to purchase and doesn’t require much effort. Since you are jumping and using all the muscles in your body for extended periods of time, you produce more oxygen. You burn more calories the more oxygen you breathe. Jumping rope can burn up to 375 calories per 30 minutes and is another great alternative to jogging.


If you’re ready to skip that jog, head to the Shape Shifters website today and start your free trial!