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One thing we have learned from the pandemic is working out at home can be as beneficial as working out at the gym, just more convenient. While there are numerous types of workouts none are as beneficial as boxing. Here at Shape Shifters, we offer boxing training at home for beginners.

While it might seem farfetched, it truly isn’t. Boxing can be practiced anywhere at any time, even at home. At Shape Shifters, we can help you learn the basics and set you on the road to mastering technique and skill.

What Basic Boxing Techniques Can I Learn at Home?

The most successful boxers, historically speaking, have been the ones to match skilled footwork with various punches and combinations. And while there are many techniques in boxing, they all boil down to three different categories. With Shape Shifters as your workout partner, our online boxing classes for beginners will teach them all to you. The categories are listed below:

  • Punches
  • Combinations
  • Workout Drills
  • Fighting Stance

What Are the Basic Punches in Boxing?

While targeting punches to different areas of an opponent is key to winning a bout, it is important to learn the basic punches first. The basic punches are listed below:

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut

How to Hold the Proper Stance

Holding the correct stance not only keeps the fighter poised, ready to strike when an opening appears but also to keep themselves well-guarded. It is easy to learn the correct position. The key points are listed below:

  • Feet should be shoulder-width apart
  • Lead with the opposite shoulder from the punching hand
  • The feet should be at a 45-degree angle to the opponent
  • Hips and knees should be slightly bent
  • Gloves should always be at shoulder height

The Jab

The jab is used to setup other punches. It is used with the leading arm. Throwing the jab helps to maintain proper distance and helps to time the power punches.

The Cross

This punch is thrown with the punching arm. Instead of stabbing outward with the punch, it is thrown in a left to right motion for left-handed boxers and right to left for right-handed boxers.

The Hook

This is a short punch to the side, hitting the target at a 90-degree angle. It can be thrown by either arm.

The Uppercut

This is an upward strike thrown to the body or chin. It can be performed by either arm.

At Shape Shifters, we strive to offer unique workout options for our at-home clients. With our boxing training at home for beginners, it is easy to get started. Incorporating boxing into any of our online strength training programs will provide maximum results. Reach out to us. We are Shape Shifters.