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Online Workout

Since the pandemic, at home workouts have become all the rage. It is, quite simply, easier to get fit at home. One of the most popular programs are high intensity interval training programs or HIIT. They bring together short bursts of intense activity, intermingled with periods of less intense movements. This type of fitness program has yielded impressive results by burning fat, toning muscles, and improving overall health, without needing to spend hours in the gym. Want to find out more about online high intensity workouts? Reach out to Shape Shifters for details.

So, what is the big deal about HIIT workouts? Simple. They are the best way to burn calories and lose fat. Gone are the days of lifting weights for hours to sculp and tone muscles. In today’s world, everyone is too busy to dedicate that much time. With HIIT, get the results you want, without having to live at the gym. Our online high intensity workouts will help you meet your fitness goals. Contact Shape Shifters today.

What Are the Benefits of a HIIT Fitness Program?

There are many different benefits of high intensity interval training programs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Increase Metabolism
  • Burns More Fat Cells Than Other Workouts
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Cardiovascular Improvement

At Home HIIT Workout Examples

At Shape Shifters, we pride ourselves in providing real-world, attainable fitness programs for our customers. We offer a HIIT workout at home for beginners. A few examples are listed below:

  • 15 Minute Fat Burner
  • 20 Minute Running, Walking, Jogging Combo
  • Living Room Fat Blaster

15 Minute Fat Burner

A short, but rigorous routine, our 15-minute fat burner shapes and tones your body and makes it more explosive. It couples the following exercises:

  • 3 minutes of high jumping
  • 5 minutes of mountain climbers
  • 2 minutes of planks
  • 3 minutes of pushups
  • 2 minutes of walking in place

20 Minute Running, Walking, Jogging Combo

One of the simplest, and yet, most effective, high intensity interval training programs involves running, walking, and jogging in the same workout. This routine should be repeated three times in succession for maximum results.

  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • 30 second sprint
  • 3-minute jog
  • 30 second sprint
  • 1-minute walk

Living Room Fat Blaster

This routine is easy to do and should be repeated three times to yield maximum results.

  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 20 seconds high jumps
  • 1-minute march in place
  • 30 second mountain climbers
  • 1-minute march in place
  • 20 second burpees
  • 5-minute march in place

Committing to a workout program can be daunting to do alone. Why not reach out to Shape Shifters for the best in online high intensity workouts? Let us be your workout partner. Contact Shape Shifters today and get started.